Practice Administrator Spotlight: Dave McKee

Get to know Practice Administrator Dave McKee, new to Peraza Dermatology Group this year!

Q: What are your first impressions about being at Peraza Dermatology Group?

A: I’m very pleased to see that on the business side of things, things are very well-tuned, far better than I have experienced anyplace else in my career. They have very talented clinical and administrative staff, and I want to help build off their successes moving forward. From a practice standpoint, when so many smaller groups are experiencing unprecedented challenges, Peraza Dermatology Group continues to be a proactive team, always looking forward. I have been impressed by how willing they are to they think outside the box for what we can do to best serve our patients.

Q: What is your professional experience?

A: All told, I have close to 30 years in the healthcare management business. I spent 17 years as practice administrator for a large ob-gyn group in Albany, NY. That practice had many similarities to what I am doing here at Peraza Dermatology Group. Even though the areas of practice are different, the underlying administrative challenges are very similar. I am excited to bring my experience and fresh eyes to Peraza Dermatology Group.

Q: Do you have any memberships or affiliations of note?

A: I have been a member of the Medical Group Management Association since 1991, and that has been a critical affiliation for me from a medical practice management perspective. They have a great support system of information that I regularly tap into.

Q: What are you most excited about doing at Peraza Dermatology Group?

A: I am hoping to add to the continued success of the practice by providing the tools needed to grow the business. I look forward to working on strategic planning, human resource management, and offering financial guidance.

Q: What drove your interest in medicine?

A: One of my first jobs was at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where I had various administrative responsibilities. I had exposure to clinical departments and it piqued my interest. I went from there to managing a small internal medicine practice, and have always enjoyed the challenges and successes in the healthcare field.

Q: What is your ideal day outside the office?

A: I love walking with my dogs, singing with my fellow barbershoppers, traveling with my wife, and anything outdoors. I have served on the Haverhill Library Board, am active with the North Country Chordsmen, and enjoy being involved with my church.

Q: What is your favorite place to visit?

A: My wife and I are big cruise people and have done over 30 cruises in 15 years. We’ve been to the Mediterranean, Mexico, Alaska, and done a lot of cruising in the Caribbean.

Q: What is the best part about living in the Upper Valley?

A: The peace and quiet!

To learn more about Dave and his background, visit his bio page.