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Tips for Fresh, Healthy Skin in Winter

In winter, it is easy to forget about our skin. We cover it up under layers and think we’re all set until summer. But the coldest months bring their own challenges: dry air, irritated or cracked skin, sun burn on chilly days. Below are some basic tips to help you keep your skin at its […]

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PDT Can Treat Your Damaged Skin – Even While It’s Covered Up For Winter

As the Upper Valley races towards another cold winter, we cover up our skin much more completely. Under all those layers, however, we sometimes wonder about acne, sun damage, and mysterious lumps, itches, and spots. Visible or hidden, they can cause concern. Today, let’s talk about one common dermatological treatment that can potentially help with […]

Meeting the Challenges of Eczema in the Winter
Everyday Tips, From the Doctors

Meeting the Challenges of Eczema in the Winter

With falling temperatures heralding the beginning of winter, many people are excited to begin outdoor snow activities. Unfortunately, this changing weather can exacerbate some common skin conditions, such as, atopic dermatitis or eczema, a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterized by itching, redness, scaling, and clustered bumps, usually in the elbows and knees. Nearly 2% of […]