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Peraza Dermatology Group offers cutting-edge technologies to help combat and reverse unattractive effects caused by sun exposure, harsh climates, stress, and genetics.


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Available body and skin enhancing procedures range from Botox® for the treatment of facial wrinkles and excessive sweating to filling agents such as Juvéderm®, Sculptra®, and Radiesse® for wrinkle correction and lip augmentation, from sclerotherapy for the treatment of unwanted leg veins to Coolsculpting® for unwanted fat correction.

Patients receiving services at Peraza Dermatology Group consistently experience deep satisfaction and increased self-esteem after undergoing painless, gentle therapies that decrease inflammation and discoloration, firm sagging skin, and stimulate new skin cells to produce naturally glowing and healthier skin tone.

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BodyFX™ is a long lasting, non-invasive solution to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite. BodyFX™ uses a combination of clinically proven modalities, including radio-frequency energy, to distribute heat to the skin and underlying fat, causing the tissues to heat and contract. Then, vacuum and controlled energy pulses work synergistically to provide beautiful body contouring results. There is no downtime and the procedure is very comfortable. Gradual improvements in the treatment area can be seen 1-3 months after the last treatment; however, the skin’s surface feels smoother and softer immediately.

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Botox®, a purified protein that is used in small doses for certain cosmetic procedures and medical conditions, represents the most common cosmetic procedure performed in the United States. The agent blocks nerve impulses, resulting in muscle relaxation and wrinkling reduction. Injection into the forehead, around the eyes, mouth, neck and the chin can reduce or eliminate excess furrows around the brow, eyes, mouth, neck and chin, respectively. In addition, it can be used to reduce excessive sweating in the hands, feet, and scalp. The cosmetic results usually last several months and the duration of effect may increase with subsequent injections.


Superficial chemical (salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and trichloroacetic acid) peels are used to treat wrinkling, acne, enlarged pores, and uneven pigmentation. The peels target the upper layers of the skin and result in healthy new skin cells and the elimination of dead skin cells. Often, several chemical peels, separated by a few months, are needed for optimal results. The appropriate chemical peel will be chosen to optimize the desired result. In addition, it is imperative to continue with aggressive sun protection practices to prevent wrinkles, pigment irregularities, age spots, and other skin damage.


Coolsculpting® is the most innovative, non-surgical way to lose those annoying bumps and bulges of stubborn fat. This revolutionary technology targets and cools unwanted fat cells in the selected area to induce a noticeable, natural-looking reduction in fat bulges of the abdomen, arms, legs, back, and chin.

Results can be realized in just 1-2 treatments. Unlike most other methods of fat reduction, Coolsculpting® involves no needles, surgery, or downtime.  It’s safe, FDA-approved and effective. Results look natural and can be seen as early as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results after one to three months.



Dermal fillers, commonly referred to as “wrinkle fillers”, help the skin restore its smoother more youthful appearance. Fillers increase skin volume and are commonly used to treat facial lines, wrinkles, hollow cheeks, receding chins, acne scars, and thinning lips. Selecting the proper filler is an important decision as some fillers are intended for shallow wrinkles, while others work best for deeper wrinkles. The hyaluronic acids are naturally found in the cartilage and bone of adult animal tissues. Juvéderm®, one type of hyaluronic acid filler, can be used to reduce facial wrinkles and is extremely effective and safe with minimal side effects. Radiesse®, composed of calcium hydroxylapatite, and Sculptra®, poly-L-lactic acid are other extremely safe, longer acting dermal fillers that can be used in scars and facial wrinkles.

To increase patient comfort during the administration of dermal fillers, Peraza Dermatology Group uses DermaSculpt Microcannula. Developed in France, this microcannula allows for the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers, e.g. Juvederm®, with decreased pain and bruising. Using the Skin Sculpting Technique (SST™), physicians can inject fillers safely without any local anesthesia, thus revolutionizing facial filler injections.

Peraza Dermatology Group is the only provider in the Upper Valley to offer EMSCULPT®. This non-invasive procedure can help you get the abs you have always wanted, tighten your core, build muscle, give you a firmer and shapelier buttocks, treat diastasis, and lose fat all in one treatment. Patients routinely notice a difference after just one treatment. A normal cycle is two treatments a week for two weeks. Patients can anticipate full results after two months, but initial results in as little as a few weeks after the last treatment.

Erbium is the treatment of choice for patients wanting to achieve dramatic improvement in the appearance of their skin with minimal downtime. The procedure removes surface-pigmentation and mild to moderate fine lines and wrinkles on the face, hands, neck and chest.

Forma™ uses radio-frequency technology to provide a non-invasive and natural looking approach to optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin. Radio-frequency energy stimulates the formation of new collagen and improves skin elasticity for long-lasting improvement in the skin tone and texture irregularities. Commonly treated areas include the face and neck. The Forma™ is a very comfortable procedure with no downtime. All patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately after treatment.

Forma Before and After

FormaPLUS™, a non-invasive body remodeling technique, uses radio-frequency energy to stimulate collagen production in targeted areas in need of contraction. FormaPLUS™ can also be used to reduce texture irregularities in lax skin to provide a lifted appearance. With treatments, patients typically note a reduction in the folds and a smoother contour of their skin.
Commonly treated areas include the abdomen, arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, back fat and knees. The FormaPLUS™ is a very comfortable procedure with no downtime. All patients are able to return to their daily activities immediately after treatment.


This most advanced radio-frequency technology yields dramatic improvements in skin tone and texture. The micro-needling head delivers precise heating to the deeper layers of the skin, addressing many of our patients’ issues, ranging from unwanted scars to facial lines to overall skin rejuvenation. Unlike aggressive ablative (destructive) lasers, the benefits of Fractora™ can be achieved without significant post treatment inflammation.

Fractora™ can be used in areas that demonstrate fine or deep wrinkles, scars, or discolored red and brown skin tone. The most common areas of treatment are the upper and lower eyelids, smile lines, forehead, cheeks, mouth, and neck.

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Photofacial treatments are full face, chest, neck, and hand treatments using pulses of visible light to effectively and safely improve the appearances of brown sunspots, facial redness, textural irregularities, and the visible signs of sun damage and aging. Photofacial treatment improves the skin’s pigment and texture with minimal to no downtime. A broad band light source will be used with specific settings adjusted for an individual patient’s skin type to maximize improvement while minimizing risk and discomfort. After the first treatment, your skin’s pigment and texture will improve. Each successive treatment results in further improvement. Usually, two to three treatments, each lasting approximately 20-30 minutes, are performed to achieve superior results. Maintenance treatments every 3 to 6 months are recommended for continued improvement. Photofacial treatments can be combined with chemical peels, dermal filling agents, and Botox® for enhanced results.

Meet Jeuveau™ (prabotulinumtoxinA-xvfs) — aka the #NEWTOX! Jeuveau™ is a modern-made neurotoxin approved by the FDA to temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines. Jeuveau™ is the first and only product of its kind dedicated exclusively to aesthetics.

As the fourth neurotoxin to hit the market (and the only new option in almost a decade), Jeuveau™ is made using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process called Hi-Pure™ technology. Jeuveau™ is the first product from Evolus and a part of its mission to bring a fresh experience and perspective to the aesthetics industry. Launched in the spring of 2019, Peraza Dermatology Group’s patients experienced sustainable results quickly after treatment.

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Our office uses the Lumenis LightSheer DUET™. This state of the art device effectively and comfortably removes unwanted facial and body hair. The laser produces a light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair (melanin), generates heat, and causes damage to the hair without damaging the surrounding tissue. Lasers are safe, effective, and allow larger areas to be treated in a single visit, while traditional hair removal techniques such as waxing, shaving, and plucking provide only temporary relief. Each laser treatment reduces the hair density by approximately 20%. Since lasers target hairs in the active growing phase, multiple treatments (4 to 6) are often necessary. Arm and leg hairs respond best, while facial hair, especially on the lip and chin can be slightly more resistant. Treatments should be performed every 6 to 8 weeks.

Laser therapy represents another method to treat blood vessels (telangiectasia). The V-Beam Perfecta® laser gives energy to the skin which is absorbed by blood vessels, scars, port wine stains, hemangiomas, and other vascular lesions. This relatively quick, comfortable procedure can eliminate blood vessels by precise tissue heating, i.e. energy is directed against the vessels alone and does not alter the surrounding skin. Usually, the vessels collapse during the treatment session, but there can be some post-treatment redness and swelling. Following treatment sessions with aggressive sun protection practices can produce longer-lasting results and prevent formation of similar lesions.


Laser Therapy for Unwanted Blood Vessels

The V-Beam Perfecta® laser


Automated Microneedling is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine that can help treat the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and the skin’s overall appearance. The benefits of Microneedling can include a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and younger-looking skin with fewer signs of aging. CosmoPen™ can also have a positive effect on the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, acne scars and stretch marks and create a fresher appearance or glow to the skin.

CosmoPen™ can be used on all parts of the body, including face, neck, decollete, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back.

Laser resurfacing with a CO2 laser will significantly improve uneven pigmentation, reduce line and wrinkles, improve skin texture on the face and neck. This is also the treatment of choice to improve unwanted scarring such as acne scars. This device is also specialized to treat discoloration and wrinkles on the hands.

PDT is a special treatment performed with a topical photosensitizing agent, Levulan® (5-aminolevulinic or ALA) activated by the correct wavelength of light, an IPL laser. The treatments remove pre-cancerous zones and spots called actinic keratoses. Sun damage, fine lines, and blotchy pigment may also improve due to the positive effects of Levulan® and the IPL light source. PDT treatments also have the unique ability to minimize pores and reduce oil glands; therefore, it can be used for acne vulgaris and minimizing the appearance of some acne scars.

The injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) represents one new treatment for hair regrowth and skin rejuvenation. In this procedure, a small amount of a patient’s blood is drawn and the platelet-rich plasma is separated from the red and white blood cells. This platelet-rich plasma contains several growth factors that can aid in hair regrowth for men and women suffering from the most common type of hair reduction, androgentic alopecia, stimulate wound healing, and aid in facial rejuvenation of lax skin, especially around the eyes and neck. The PRP is injected into the targeted area in a series of treatments, usually separated by 1-2 months.

Hair Regrowth Treatment - Before and After 1 Month

Silhouette InstaLift is a simple way to re-contour your face, lifting the deeper layers of your skin for a more youthful appearance.  During the procedure, sutures with bidirectional cones will be used to re-position and elevate the skin on your face. This comfortable, in-office procedure takes less than 45 minutes to complete.  Results are immediate with minimal recovery time.  Within months, the sutures will naturally be absorbed by your body while stimulating collagen production to aid healthy renewal of your skin to produce natural-looking, long lasting results.

Silhouette Lift is a new technique using Silhouette Suture suspension threads. This minimally invasive technique is used to lift and reposition sagging mid face tissue. Silhouette Sutures offer significantly greater lift due to their unique absorbable cones which give strong traction when lifting the soft tissue.

DERMALINFUSION® is a non-invasive skin-resurfacing treatment that improves skin health and appearance in one step. It can target problems like aging, sallow, and dehydrated skin as well as acne and rough skin texture.

Spider veins result from dilated groups of small blood vessels close to the surface of the skin on the legs. They often increase in size and severity with advancing age. The exact cause of spider veins is unknown, although hereditary factors, pregnancy, and hormonal changes are believed to contribute to their development. Peraza Dermatology Group uses glycerin sclerotherapy, a sclerosing solution, to collapse spider veins and cause them to disappear. Often, three sessions of injections, spaced over 6-8 weeks are needed to achieve optimal results.




With a powerful energy system utilizing nano- and picosecond laser pulses and large treatment spot size, the PiQo4™ laser offer patients faster treatment results and shorter treatment sessions. The PiQo4™’s four wavelengths treat the broadest range (9 of the most frequently used tattoo colors ranging from light orange to dark black) of pigment/tattoo colors, on the widest range of skin types. On average, 4-6 treatment sessions are needed, but this varies due to tattoo size and style.

In addition to tattoo removal, the PiQo4™ utilizes photoacoustic energy in PicoFractional treatments to deliver comprehensive skin toning and rejuvenation. By enhancing production of collagen and elastin without thermal injury, there is no downtime. PicoFractional treatments represent another option for patients with unwanted pigmented spots, skin irregularities, facial lines and wrinkles, sun damage, skin discoloration from photoaging, and surgical/acne scarring.

There are many topical creams, lotions, and cleansers that can protect and improve your skin’s appearance. Tretinoin, a member of the vitamin A family, reduces fine wrinkles, irregular pigmentation, and rough skin secondary to chronic sun damage. In addition, products that contain hydroquinone can address and correct uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation and related conditions for a smoother, more even-toned complexion.

A daily regimen can be customized for each person’s complexion and skin type. In our office, there are a variety of options, including SENTÉ , Green Cream®, Vanicream™, Peraza Dermatology Group Skin care product line, Elta MD, and Lira. Change is gradual and patients must be compliant with the selected regimen. Most important, patients must use daily sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.