PDG Spa Services — Through the Eyes of a First-Time Patient

Peraza Dermatology Group has spent the last several months developing a new suite of results-oriented spa treatments to complement our existing cosmetic services and create an all-inclusive skincare experience for patients. As part of that process, we performed extensive treatment research and testing and invited some early customers to experience our new offerings, including this first-time patient… 

I arrived at Peraza Dermatology Group excited for my first-ever DiamondGlow™ Dermal Infusion facial. I had never been to the practice and was unsure what to expect. After quickly checking in with the receptionist, where we reviewed the COVID-19 health questions and protocol, I briefly waited in the airy, modern waiting room for the esthetician to greet me for my appointment.

We walked downstairs to the warmly-lit treatment room, which includes a cozy, plush blanket on top of the crisp-sheeted treatment table to make the experience feel extra luxurious. After getting myself settled amidst the cozy layers, the esthetician set to work. She started by cleansing my face, using relaxing strokes across my face. To prepare my face for the microdermabrasion portion of the treatment, she applied an exfoliating enzyme treatment. The serum tingled a little bit immediately after the application but did not sting or hurt. After a few minutes, the esthetician gently removed the enzyme treatment and moved on to the part I was most anticipating and most curious about: the DiamondGlow™ Dermal Infusion.

The microdermabrasion treatment was surprisingly relaxing! As the esthetician guided the small wand-like device across my face, I felt a pleasant combination of gentle suction and exfoliation. I was so relaxed by it that I briefly fell asleep! After three passes across my face with the microdermabrasion wand, we moved on to a steam-infused facial massage, which felt heavenly. the esthetician did some quick, painless extractions on my nose and forehead and then layered my face with a moisture-infusing mask.

While my newly renewed skin absorbed all the goodness of the moisturizing mask, the esthetician skillfully glided hot stones over my arms and hands to massage away stress and strain. She ended the treatment with a mind-centering scalp massage.

I appreciated the esthetician’s thoughtful and attentive approach to my entire treatment. Throughout the seventy-five minutes in her care, I felt appreciated and like I was in expert hands. I was curious about some of PDG’s available products — the new AlumierMD EverActive C&E™ + Peptide and a retinol cream to help support my middle-age skin in looking and feeling vibrant — and asked the esthetician for her recommendations. As she guided me to the reception area to exit, she showed me the products and explained how to use them to best support my skincare goals.

My skin felt extra moisturized and glowy for several days after the facial treatment, and I felt a positive boost from having made time for myself amidst these very challenging times. I’m looking forward to returning to PDG to try an AlumierMD resurfacing peel and for more Dermal Infusion treatments!

If you are interested in Peraza Dermatology Group’s new suite of Spa Services, learn more online or contact our offices to request an appointment!