Announcing New Location for New London Practice

Peraza Dermatology Group is excited to announce a new location for their New London practice. Located in the New London Shopping Center at 247 Newport Road, Suite 1, Peraza Dermatology Group built out the new space in conjunction with Concord Orthopedics, which will also operate out of the space.

“For more than 35 years, we have been honored and privileged to offer people from the New London area the finest skin care available,” says Dr. Jose Peraza. “Our new space allows us to improve and expand our offerings in the area, including more surgical options and more cosmetic treatments.”

“This modern facility is exactly what patients should expect in the 21st century,” adds Dr. Daniel Peraza. “It allows us to meet more of our patients in the community where they live, which provides ease and convenience for them when it is time to care for their skin.”

The new space also opens up many new opportunities for the medical professionals at Peraza Dermatology Group.

“The chance to collaborate with our orthopedic and rheumatology colleagues from Concord Orthopedics is an added plus for us and our patients,” says Dr. Jose Peraza. “Any time medical professionals are in an environment where information and experience are in abundance, it leads to better results. We are looking forward to strengthening those relationships.”

Dr. Daniel Peraza continues, “New London has been a critical part of our practice from the beginning. We are excited to continue delivering the skin care our patients depend on for years to come in this new space.”

The new office will open on April 1, 2020.