10 Things Men Should Know About Their Skin

Gentlemen, skin care is not just for women. Guys need to pay attention to their skin, too. Let’s examine dermatology for men below.

  1. Men are more likely to develop melanoma than women. You love your family and friends. You want to live a long life. You take care of yourself, you eat well, you exercise. Well, monitoring your skin is as critical a part of your overall health as tracking your weight, blood pressure, and other critical factors. The good news? Skin cancer is largely preventable, treatable, and manageable if you are willing to take action.
  2. Speaking of action, do you wear sunscreen every day? If you do nothing else, please incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine. Dr. Jose Peraza says, “Throughout my career, I have never heard anyone tell me they think someone is macho because he skipped sunscreen on the golf course, at the beach, or before a bike ride. And let’s face it: no one looks cool with a sunburn.” Cover every bit of exposed skin every day with SPF 30 sunscreen and your skin will feel and look healthy, young, and vibrant for longer.
  3. The people who care about you will be proud of you when you start to read ingredient lists in your skin care products. Seek out “fragrance free” products for sensitive skin, and use non-comedogenic or oil-free cleansers if you’re prone to acne.
  4. You work hard, whether at the gym, the office, or in the yard on the weekends. But you don’t need to prove it to your skin. Go gentle on your face when you wash, using a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water instead of hot.  
  5. In the shower, there’s no need to scrub like you’re stripping paint. Dr. Daniel Peraza recommends a simple washing routine: soaping the dirty parts of the body (underarms, groin, feet, etc.). Warm water will wash the rest of your body adequately, and leave your skin feeling fine.
  6. If you’re prone to dry, cracking skin, moisturizer is your best friend. Look for products with the active ingredient hyaluronic acid, which can help trap moisture in the skin and prevent discomfort. 
  7. Say goodbye to razor burn, nicks, and rough patches forever (+/-). Changing your shaving routine may seem daunting, but shaking up your shaving situation can help you enjoy the way your skin looks and feels. See here for an intro to traditional shaving that can have a positive effect on your skin. 
  8. Turn your clothes and accessories into a part of your sun protection plan. Wear UPF 50 clothing (we’ve got recommendations for you here). Your sunglasses protect your eyes and covered skin from the sun in addition to being a fashion statement. In the Upper Valley, you can wear a hat basically anywhere, so have one with you whenever you are outside, whether doing yard work or eating on a local restaurant patio.   
  9. Together with a partner or friend, monitor your skin for problems. For more on how, click here.
  10. Get an annual check up. Dermatologists identify, diagnose, and treat all sorts of skin problems. See a board certified professional every year to minimize your risk and keep your skin healthy and happy.

Congratulations, guys (or people who share this with guys). You’re on your way to better skin health already! Now take the next step and schedule an appointment to talk about your unique needs.