What to Expect in a Cosmetic Appointment at PDG

Have you ever wondered if a cosmetic procedure would be right for you? Now that the kids are back to school, it’s a good time to explore your options. For many people, the sheer scope of the possibilities can be overwhelming. At Peraza Dermatology Group, our primary focus is making you comfortable.

The first step is to come in for a visit and talk through the possibilities. In a low-key, pressure-free environment, we help you navigate the different procedures that can deliver outcomes and have you feeling better about your skin than you have in years.

“In our practice, it is essential that patients feel comfortable,” says Dr. Daniel Peraza. “We want to provide patients with a full suite of options, and then let them decide what is best for them. There is no ‘right’ way to begin cosmetic procedures, and we make sure to tailor each course of treatment to each unique patient.”

Initially, we simply ask you some questions about what area of your skin you would most like to focus on. We offer a VISIA skin assessment at every consultation, which can show you where there is sun damage, brown spots, or skin redness on your complexion that we can work to remedy. If you’ve noticed unwelcome wrinkles, vexing spider veins, or acne scarring, we can recommend treatment at every step of the way.

“Our goal is always to give you a full range of options and then make recommendations based on what will work best for your lifestyle, priorities, budget, and downtime,” says Kira Schachinger, PA-C. “For example, a weekly microneedling treatment with a short recovery makes the most sense to address acne scarring for some patients, whereas for others, a more aggressive treatment with laser is more appropriate. Whether the results are instant or appear over the longer-term, we are always working towards the best possible outcome for our patients.”

Peraza Dermatology Group offers a large and diverse menu of services to address a wide range of skin care needs, from wrinkle reduction to body contouring. Click any of the services below to learn more:

“We deliberately offer the most complete set of cosmetic treatments available north of Boston,” says Dr. Jose Peraza. “Our patients demand and deserve the latest, cutting-edge technologies that can help them see immediate and long-lasting results in their skin appearance and overall health.”

While some treatments require moderate to significant downtime, we make sure to keep you informed about the realities of what to expect during each treatment, as well as what you may need to do to prepare for your visit and what to expect for your post-treatment recovery care. Some treatments are administered in cycles that can happen over the course of a few months; others can be performed in one visit. We try to eliminate surprises and get you back to your normal day-to-day life in as little time as possible.

Certified Aesthetic Consultant Jasmine Nadeau says, “We can literally transform a patient’s looks in as little as 15 minutes in our offices. It is incredibly rewarding to assist a patient with a challenge they have been experiencing for a long time and get them the results they were looking for in short order.”

If you’re ready to take the next step in your skin care regimen, contact us today to schedule a consultation.