Did You Know? Dr. Jose Peraza Talks Acne and Your Diet

There is a significant causal relationship between adolescent acne and diet, so simple tweaks in the kinds of foods an acne sufferer consumes can make a big difference in treatment outcomes.

Dr. Jose Peraza always tries to discuss diet and its relationship to acne with his patients with adolescent acne.There is good clinical evidence that foods with a high glycemic index (simple carbohydrates) can cause acne to worsen. These foods raise insulin in the body and these hormone spikes have been shown to trigger acne in susceptible individuals. Interestingly, population studies in New Guinea show that adolescent acne, virtually unknown in primitive populations, reaches Western levels of severity when these tribes move to urbanized environments where access to processed carbohydrates like white rice and flour is abundant.

While many factors contribute to adolescent acne, a discussion about the excessive consumption of “the white foods” (white rice, white potatoes, sugar, milk, and white bread) is also worthwhile. Including parents in this conversation is always useful in order to increase compliance with these dietary recommendations. Avoiding the “white foods,” along with regular exercise and simple facial cleansing techniques can go a long way in reducing pharmaceutical interventions in many of our patients.

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