New Treatment for Hair Regrowth at Peraza Dermatology Group

Many patients come to our office with hair density concerns. Some people are bothered with too much hair in unwanted locations (read more about laser hair removal here), while others are challenged with decreasing hair. This problem can affect both men and women. Until recently, there were only limited treatment options available for this condition. One new treatment, injection of platelet rich plasma, has provided some exciting results in our patients. In this procedure, a small amount of a patient’s blood is drawn and the platelet-rich plasma is separated. This platelet-rich plasma, which contains several growth factors that can aid in hair regrowth, is injected into the area of decreased hair in a series of treatments.

Due to patient excitement and a desire to potentially grow new hair safely, Dr. Dan Peraza started this treatment in June 2016. Shown below, you can see the before and after photographs after the first month. We will continue to update with more photographs.

Hair Regrowth Treatment - Before and After 1 Month