PA Spotlight: Kira Schachinger

Get to know Kira Schachinger, a talented and dedicated Physician Assistant, who has been a vital member of the Peraza Dermatology Group team since joining!

Q: Is there anything in particular from your childhood / teenage / college years that drove your interest into medicine?

A: I had considered a career in medicine and/or science from a very early age.  I was interested particularly in neuroscience since elementary school, which then led me into a pre-medical track during high school and college.  I had great mentors who were physician assistants at the time that encouraged me to pursue a career in medicine and showed me that it is a career that would combine several of my academic and professional interests.

Q: What other career did you consider before deciding to become a PA?

A: I of course considered other careers in medicine, including MD and NP.  I also strongly considered a masters degree or PhD in neuroscience and academia.  Ultimately, I decided to become a PA because of the great training that was available to me and the unique opportunities afforded to PAs, including the capacity to treat and teach our patients.

Q: When training to be a PA, when was the moment that made you decide dermatology was the field you wanted to pursue?

A: This was not a specialty that I immediately knew I was interested in. However, during my surgery rotation in PA school, I was able to help remove skin cancers with surgical oncologists and plastic surgeons. This opportunity led me to pursue a career in dermatology.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of being a PA for Peraza Dermatology Group?

A: There are many rewarding aspects of working with Peraza Dermatology Group.  I love being able to work in a few different towns throughout the Upper Valley and provide dermatological care in these diverse communities.  Furthermore, it is rewarding to be able to provide such a broad range of services to our patients, including medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge for you in dermatology?

A: Everyday, there is something new! However, this is what also makes this job so exciting. I had extensive training both in school and with the Drs. Perazas and I am fortunate to have great support on a daily basis.

Q: An ideal day outside of the office is spent doing what?

A: My family and I live a very active, outdoor lifestyle.  Depending on the day (and the weather), an ideal day starts with a nice cup of coffee en route to the mountain, followed by a day of backcountry skiing with my husband and our dog.

Q: Best place you’ve ever visited?

A: During college, I was able to participate in a service volunteer project in southern Peru and work in medical clinics in that country.  I was also able to do some adventure traveling around the Andes mountain range, including a trip to the Cordillera Blanca in Peru.  This area is absolutely stunning visually and culturally, and I will never forget some of the hikes and vistas I was able to explore.

Q: Place you hope to visit some day?

A: I would love to visit the Swiss alps for a ski touring trip some day.

Q: Favorite part about living in this area?

A: What I love about the Upper Valley is the people, the community, and the landscapes.  This is a beautiful part of our country and I find this lifestyle to be both relaxing and inspiring.

To learn more about Kira and her background, visit her bio page.