The Latest Technology in Tattoo Removal at PDG

Tattooing is the decoration of the skin with pigments and dyes which remain in the skin for a lifetime. It is estimated that 50 million Americans under the age of 40 have at least one tattoo. The safety and carcinogenic potential of these dyes and metallic salts is unknown, partly because neither the FDA nor any other regulatory agency regulates the ink and pigment used for tattooing (Kent, KM, Laser Tattoo Removal; and review. Dermatol Surgery 2012).

We at Peraza Dermatology Group are often asked to suggest effective and safe methods to remove unwanted tattoos. In the United States, most tattoos are currently treated with laser, which is a high intensity light beam that fragments the ink particles. These fragments are then absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system. Alarmingly, these tattoo dyes can subsequently be found in the body’s lymph nodes after the laser tattoo removal. The potential carcinogenic consequences of the laser tattoo removal have been addressed in medical journals ( volume 13, April 2012).

Peraza Dermatology Group offers a safer and effective tattoo removal alternative to laser. The Eclipse Reverse System™ safely and affordably removes unwanted tattoo ink via its proprietary hydropropionic acid solution (which is a natural solution) through Mechanized Epidermal Tattoo Removal (METR) Technology. During this treatment process, this technique causes the tattooed pigments to be expelled to the surface of the skin in the form of small scabs. These small scabs take about two weeks to form and eventually drop off, along with the unwanted ink. Unlike tattoo laser therapy, the tattoo ink is broken down and safely expelled from the body naturally, in contrast to the absorption that takes place after a laser treatment.

The Eclipse Reverse System™ works with tattoos of all sizes and colors, regardless of the age of the tattoo. Small tattoos can sometimes be removed in one session but typically it takes three to four treatment sessions for complete removal of larger tattoos.

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