Tips for Managing Rosacea in New England Winters

Winter has arrived, posing a new set of problems for our patients with rosacea. First and foremost, the skin becomes drier and consequently, more sensitive during these cold months. We at Peraza Dermatology Group always advise careful attention to moisturizing the skin by avoiding abrasives to the face and incorporating the daily use of a moisturizer. Using a GENTLE cleanser is essential and non-detergent products are preferable to bar soaps. Daily use of a sunblock without irritating sunscreen chemicals is also critical.

For our patients with the inflammatory variant of rosacea, we additionally prescribe topical and systemic medications if indicated.

Rosacea can be controlled successfully if you follow a program that incorporates the above mentioned principles. The National Rosacea Society ( is a very useful online resource, where many of your questions and concerns can be directed.