Our New Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser System

The latest addition to the Peraza Dermatology Group suite of services is the Rohrer Phoenix CO2 laser. This state-of-the-art laser is used in a wide variety of dermatological and cosmetic procedures. The system has been called “the best device on the market for wrinkle reduction” and “the gold-standard for tissue rejuvenation.”

The laser can reduce fine lines, help with facial and hand rejuvenation, and repair acne scarring. It can remove uneven pigmentation, helping to eliminate brown spots on the hands. The laser can also successfully treat warts and skin tags with minimal downtime.

Additionally, for women, the Phoenix offers vaginal rejuvenation, increasing lubrication, decreasing the pain of intercourse, helping with urinary incontinence, and tightening the external genitalia.

Generally, the laser delivers fast, high-quality results with less swelling, minimal discomfort, and shortened recuperation periods, as compared to traditional CO2 ablative lasers.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation or to ask any questions about this new option in dermatological medicine.