Cosmetic Treatments Q&A with Dr. Daniel Peraza

Have you ever wondered about the cosmetic treatments available at Peraza Dermatology Group? Dr. Daniel Peraza answered some questions to give patients information about the different treatments that can help you look and feel better.

Q: Let’s talk about cosmetic services that Peraza Dermatology Group offers. Can you give an overview of why people come to the dermatologist for cosmetic treatments?

A: Especially living up here, people are very active. They are outdoors a lot, have a healthy lifestyle, eat well, and take care of their body. It’s natural that people want to make sure their skin looks and feels as good as the rest of their body does. We help people achieve their goals, improving their complexion and the overall texture and appearance of their skin.

Q: Can you define the term “downtime”?

A: Downtime is when you can’t necessarily jump back into your full schedule after a treatment or procedure. It can include avoiding the sun for a few days or longer; there can be more peeling, irritation, or discomfort. Basically, during downtime, it’s a question of what people can do and when. Because some procedures make one more susceptible to irritation from the sun, we may suggest not doing certain treatments during the summer months. Thankfully, most of the treatments we offer have pretty minimal downtime. The basic rules are to sometimes stay out of the sun for up to a week, keep the treated area clean and moisturized, and take necessary steps to prevent infection. Naturally, both medical and cosmetic procedures can require downtime.

Q: Are there cosmetic treatments that are covered by insurance?

A: Cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance. However, we have equipment and techniques that can be applied to both cosmetic and medical procedures. For example, there are some lasers that treat blood vessels for rosacea, a cosmetic procedure. The same laser can be used to treat congenital birthmarks on the face, which is covered by insurance. We always let people know when insurance covers something.

Q: What is the most common cosmetic procedure you perform at PDG?

A: Our most popular procedures are Botox®, CoolSculpting® (fat removal), intense pulsed light (for rejuvenation of sun-damaged skin, among other things), and laser hair removal.

Q: Can you talk about your approach to technology?

A: We’re constantly looking and reading about new devices that are coming out on the market and seeing if we can apply them in our own practice. In fact, we have more cosmetic devices than any practice north of Boston.

Q: What feedback do patients give you after cosmetic treatment?

A: I like hearing people say they feel better and look better. They tell us that their families and friends say they look better, less tired. For people in Northern New England, people don’t want to look frozen or have radical changes. Unlike in some other parts of the country, people here want discrete, gradual improvements that give them a better look and feel. That is what we try to provide.

If you’d like to look and feel more confident in your own skin, make an appointment to discuss Peraza Dermatology Group’s treatment options that could be effective for you.