Phoenix CO2 Laser

Patients who seek treatments to address uneven pigmentation, reduce line and wrinkles, improve skin texture on the face and neck have several options to choose from at the Peraza Dermatology Group. Laser resurfacing with a Rohrer Phoenix CO2 laser is an effective solution for these issues, as well as the treatment of choice to improve unwanted scarring from acne and to treat discoloration and wrinkles on the hands. This advanced modern technology allows treatments to be tailored to a patient’s specific desires and expectations.

What is it?

The Rohrer Phoenix CO2 Laser is a skin resurfacing device that can treat uneven pigmentation, sun spots, reduce fine lines, and coarse wrinkles, help skin texture, lax skin, and acne scarring.

How does it work?

The Phoenix CO2 laser works by removing the layers of skin that have begun to show the signs of aging. Sun damage, environmental exposure and genetics all contribute to skin that loses its luster over time. The Phoenix CO2 laser eliminates the damaged outermost layers of skin, making way for newer, healthier, skin cells.

Phoenix CO2 laser treatment also encourages the body to produce more collagen, the protein responsible for keeping the skin strong and healthy. With more collagen, the skin can withstand damage more effectively and look younger for longer periods of time. Given the laser’s intensity, results are marked and patients can expect full recovery within 7-10 days.

Where is it used?

The most popular treatment areas include: face, neck, chest, and hands, although other areas of the body can be treated.

What should I expect after treatment?
  • Avoid direct sunlight and keep skin moist and cool to aid healing.
  • Avoid environmental irritants (dust, dirt and aerosols, cleaning agents) during the healing process.
  • Avoid allowing treated area to become too dry. Avoid excessive heat (no cooking over an open flame or rigorous exercise during healing process).
  • Redness and a sunburn-type sensation normally last several days.
  • Your face will normally bronze and peel within 7 days. The neck skin will bronze and peel within 14 days.
  • Use the cleanser and ointment protectant provided to you for post care treatment.
Phoenix CO2 Laser Demonstration